(Video) Moving Tip of the Day #14

By June 29, 2018Moving
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Good morning out there Tampa and future Tampa residents! We’re back once again with another Tampa video moving tip from Big Boys Moving and Storage. Today’s tip is just one in a whole series of videos to help your upcoming move to go to plan! Here is the fourteenth installment of our “Moving Tip of the Day” video segments!

Moving Tip of the Day #14

Moving Tip of the Day Transcription

Sarah: “Good morning future movers, it’s Sarah for BigBoysMoving.com with the Moving Tip of the Day. Here we have number fourteen which is “Call in favors early.” That’s the Big Boys Moving Tip of the Day (MTOTD). Have an amazing day! I’ll be back tomorrow with another moving tip. Visit BigBoysMoving.com for more information.”

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When your move is on the horizon it’s important to preplan by calling in any favors you’ll be cashing in on early! It doesn’t matter what favors you are calling in – someone to dogsit for you on moving day, someone to pick up the kids from school, someone to help you pack before the move – whatever it is, it’s important to make those requests ahead of time. Calling in last minute favors isn’t just annoying for your friends and family, but those last minute calls are much less likely to turn out in your favor. Give your friends plenty of time to book your moving day in their schedule and make sure to ask politely for whatever it is you’re hoping for! It doesn’t hurt to throw in dinner as well!

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