(Video) Moving Tip of the Day #15

By July 6, 2018Packing
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Good morning out there Tampa and future Tampa residents! It’s that time of the week again and we’re back with another Tampa video moving tip from Big Boys Moving and Storage! Today’s tip is just one in a whole series of videos to ensure your upcoming move to goes to plan! Here is the fifteenth installment of our “Moving Tip of the Day” video segments!

Moving Tip of the Day #15

Moving Tip of the Day Transcription

Sarah: “Good morning future movers, it’s Sarah for BigBoysMoving.com with the Moving Tip of the Day. Here we have number fifteen which is “Pack ahead!” That’s the Big Boys Moving Tip of the Day (MTOTD). Have an amazing day! I’ll be back tomorrow with another moving tip. Visit BigBoysMoving.com for more information.”

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Packing is never fun which is why so many people procrastinate their packing until the very last minute! That’s why today our moving tip of the day is to emphasize the importance of packing your home early! There are plenty of reasons why you should get those boxes packed early:

  • Packing early makes your move much less stressful because you don’t find yourself in a race against time!
  • When you pack your boxes early you ensure that all the packing is done before the movers arrive to start loading the van. When you wait until the last minute you’re not just underfoot as the movers get to work, but you’re also making their job take much longer by being in the way.
  • Postponing your packing until the last minute means that you’re in a rush when you finally do get to filling those boxes and you’re more likely to pack in a way that things will be lost, forgotten, or broken.

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