(Video) Moving Tip of the Day #12

By May 25, 2018Packing
moving tips video 12

Good morning out there Tampa and future Tampa residents! Today we’re back with yet another Tampa video moving tip from Big Boys Moving and Storage to help you to get your move organized! Here is the twelfth installment of our, “Moving Tip of the Day” video segments!

Moving Tip of the Day #12

Moving Tip of the Day Transcription

Sarah: “Good morning future movers, it’s Sarah for BigBoysMoving.com with the Moving Tip of the Day. Here we have number twelve which is “Pick up extra packing and moving supplies.” That’s the Big Boys Moving Tip of the Day (MTOTD). Have an amazing day! I’ll be back tomorrow with another moving tip. Visit BigBoysMoving.com for more information.”

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Everyone knows to pick up packing and moving supplies before they move, but hardly anyone ever picks up EXTRAS! Did you know that the majority of people moving to a new home need more packing supplies than they think? This leaves them in the lurch at the last minute and often people try to improvise with grocery store boxes and wind up with the bottoms falling out! That’s why today we’re reminding you to head out and pick up EXTRA packing and moving supplies so that this doesn’t happen to you! We recommend picking up an extra 25 to 50% more items than you think you will need to make sure that all your bases are covered. That means that if you think 20 boxes will be enough, pick up 30 instead.

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