Tampa Piano Movers Share Unique Struggles of Moving a Piano

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As the leading Tampa piano movers, we here at Big Boys Moving and Storage are quite familiar with some of the unique struggles of moving a piano. Today we want to talk a little bit about those struggles and why you should leave the job to the professionals if you want your piano to get to its location in one piece!

Tampa Piano Movers Share Unique Struggles of Moving a Piano

When most of us think of moving companies, we think about packing our clothing and furniture, loading them in a truck, and heading to our new home. Not everything in the average home is as easy to pack, though, and when it comes to tricky items to move, pianos have to top the list. Pianos present unique challenges when it comes to every aspect of the moving process which is why we always recommend that you have a professional mover take on the task for you. Wondering what could be so difficult about moving a piano? Let’s take a look at just a few of the most common concerns…


Of course, the first thing that most people think about when it comes to the struggle of moving an item like a piano is the size of it! Upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and full-size grand pianos are all oversized items which means that you need a large vehicle to transport them. In fact, sometimes it’s next to impossible to fit those oversized instruments into moving trucks and that can lead to additional problems!

At Big Boys Moving and Storage, though, we have experience in moving pianos and we have vehicles that are sized to fit even the larger pianos!


Packing normal items for a move means putting them in boxes or wrapping them in moving blankets. Packing a piano is a little more tricky. Sure, moving blankets are ideal, but they’re also not sized for pianos and they’re certainly not the right shape! This means that you’re going to need quite a few of those large moving blankets to protect your piano for the move and you’re also going to need a way to secure those blankets in place to ensure that your piano doesn’t get a single scratch on it!

At Big Boys Moving and Storage, we have plenty of thick padded moving blankets that are perfect for protecting your piano and our moving crews are experienced in securing those blankets in place so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off during transportation.


No one wants any of their property to be dropped during a move, but there’s a big difference between dropping (or roughly handling) a box of clothing and dropping (or roughly handling) a piano! Dropping that box of clothing might prickle your temper but it’s not going to damage your clothing while it’s secured inside a box. Dropping a piano, however, can cause irreversible damage to the piano, even when it’s wrapped carefully. You risk cracking the body of the piano, damaging the keys, breaking strings and hammers, and forever warping the sound.

At Big Boys Moving and Storage, we know pianos. We know what can happen when a careless and inexperienced moving crew try to move a piano like it was a box of clothing. That’s why we professionally train and retrain all of our movers to be sure that they understand the unique demands of moving a piano and always undertake the job with the utmost of professionalism.

Getting Hurt

Pianos are heavy. It doesn’t matter what type of piano we’re talking about, they’re all heavy. This makes them quite difficult to move without the correct equipment on hand. The average homeowner doesn’t have this equipment on hand and that leads to makeshift pulleys and moving systems which are more than likely going to fail. What happens when they fail? You damage your piano and put other people who are in the immediate vicinity at risk of being hurt. It’s not just those around you who run the risk of getting hurt, though. Trying to move a piano yourself without the correct knowledge or moving equipment puts you at the risk of hurting yourself. The most common injury from moving heavy items like pianos is a back injury. Not only is back injury painful, but it can create lifelong health concerns and impact every aspect of your life including your ability to make a living!

At Big Boys Moving and Storage, our professional training courses mean that every one of our piano moving staff knows how to properly secure a piano during a move. They know how to use professional moving equipment. They know how to distribute weight properly while lifting. They know how to judge a situation to know whether a particular moving option is best or whether another approach is best. This knowledge comes from training as well as experience and it helps to keep everyone safe come moving time!

Are You Looking For Tampa Piano Movers to Help You With Your Move?

If you’re looking for Tampa piano movers to help you with your move, Big Boys Moving and Storage can help! Since 2005 we have been helping Tampa residents with their local moves in and around the Tampa area. We’ve moved everything from grand pianos to uprights and we’d be happy to help you, just give us a call today at 813-936-2699!

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